India is home to a diverse population playing many different lifting and strength sports across the country like weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk), power lifting( deadlift, squat, bench-press) and newly introduced in line is strongman that consist of lifting, flipping, running with heavy objects. In pure strength sports the competitive event involves strength, speed, and technique. To excel in strength sports and to become a professional player, an athlete needs a training center that is fully equipped with all needed facilities for lifting sports. We at barbell club provide upto date equipments and provide training in lifting sports. Barbell club is opposing of any fitness center that is loaded with sophisticated machinery meant for fitness and weight loss programs but a hardcore and tough training center with systematic approach towards proud destiny of a sportsman. There was a need from many years for such training center with specialized facilities for strength and lifting sports where dedicated sportsmen can train themselves and achieve their goals in sports and make India proud with their success. We are committed to strength and lifting sports and our every activity is for the elevating of lifting sports. We are directly or indirectly affiliated with various federations( nationally and internationally) and conduct various competition from time to time either individually or with the alliance of various federations and groups working to uplift the standard of competitions and sports.
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